Vent Free Gas Fireplaces

 Vent Free Gas Fireplaces We get a lot of questions about vent free gas logs, direct vent products, and vented gas logs. These products are primarily used for ease-of-use, although

Chimney leaking ? Get a bucket Honey, no get lots of buckets”

“Oh my gosh, Honey the ceiling by the fireplace is leaking like crazy, get a bucket, NO…. get lots of buckets” I get lots of water problems phone calls like

Water Problems?

Water Problems: A lot of people have water problems this time of year! The rain and snowfall have been extremely hard on chimneys with pre-existing problems. Cincinnati Chimney Contractor Clay

Our Top Recommended Products

Our Top Recommended Products Chimney Creosote Problems Anti-Creo-Soot is by far our most popular product. It is very effective in removing creosote. You simply spray it on, the creosote breaks down,

Leaky Chimney? Our DIY eBook solution is here!

Leaky Chimney? Do you have a leak in or around your chimney? As a homeowner, its always beneficial to be informed of the possible issues inside your home. For a

Chimney Water Problems – Don’t Call a Roofer!

Click above to watch a video on leaky chimney problems. Chimney Leaks? If you look up at your ceiling, above your fireplace and see water marks, I don’t recommend a

How to Open Your Fireplace Damper – (Poker, Rotary, Double Pivot)

How to Open a Damper ? 3 types The damper is the small metal flap you can open and close when looking up inside your fireplace and into the chimney

How to Install (Prefab Fireplace) Panels

Want to know how to install prefab back wall fireplace panels? If you were to burn in a prefab fireplace with damaged refractory panels, three things could happen: 1. Significant

How to resurface your fireplace

Click here to watch this resurfacing youtube video! David Lamb of Embers Fireplace & Chimney in Cincinnati Ohio pictured above. Fireplace Resurfacing Recently, I had a customer who wanted us

Vent Free Appliances (Risks, Considerations, and Operating Tips)

? This is a less than 5 minute video by industry expert Jerry Isenhour about vent free appliances. Join us as he explains the insights and the positive and negative

How to easily remove Creosote from your fireplace

Creosote Problems? ??? Stuart of SaverSystems explains how to efficiently and inexpensively take care of your creosote problems. Today we are addressing one of our most common questions: how do

Great Day for a Chimney Fire!

What does a Chimney Fire sound like? Frequently I get the question: what is a chimney fire like? Half of them sound like a freight train, the other half are

Fireplace Ash, Dump Boxes & Clean-Out Doors

Fireplace Ash Ash Pit is a term regarding ash dumps in the fireplace. Some are rather large, concrete closets. You can find them in many older homes in the basement. The

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

     7 Ways to help prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (CO) 1)- Have carbon monoxide detector installed on each level of your home 2)- Have your home’s heating and venting systems

Fireplace Odor? Fix my stinking chimney!

Fireplace Odor? My chimney stinks!   Ask the Chimney Sweep recently received this question about fireplace odor that you may be dealing with yourself: I have a wood-burning fireplace that

Test your wood with a Moisture Meter

Moisture Meters Burn Wise suggests: Test your wood with a moisture meter Burning wet wood is detrimental to the efficient use of  a wood burning device. This is because of its

Chimney Corbeling: Chimney Masonry Repair

Hips and Shoulders: Chimney Corbeling Chimney Corbeling can cause bigger problems so it is best to get the issue fixed sooner rather than later. The corbeling hips on your chimney could

Level 2 Inspection: All Chimneys and Fireplaces

Level 2 Chimney Inspection A Level 2 Inspection is mandatory when there are changes to the flue or the construction. Additionally, it is mandatory when the home or property is for sale.

Leaky Chimney: Chimney Water Damage

Got a Leaky Chimney? A Leaky chimney is no April Fools joke, with Spring just around the corner the rainy season will be upon us! Keep this video and hope that you

When to get a Chimney Cleaning

When should I clean my chimney? When to get a chimney cleaning is one of the most common questions that chimney sweeps answer daily. The real answer lies within: when was

Level 1 Inspection: Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance Are you looking for a chimney inspection? This is what your chimney sweep should be inspecting. A Level 1 Inspection is a visual inspection of the easily accessible parts

Fireplace Damper Problems

This is my conversation regarding a damper problem that one of our Ask the Chimney Sweep readers had. Question from Reader But, how does this work when I’m in a

What to do After Experiencing a Chimney Fire

Experienced a Chimney Fire? Don’t know what to do after a chimney fire? This is a great 28-minute Podcast/Slideshow! Russ Dimmitt and Clay Lamb of Ask the Chimney Sweep and

Vent Free Logs: Smells and health concerns

Question regarding Vent Free Logs: Smells, heat & respiratory concerns, Q. My husband just had open heart surgery. We had a fireplace built 30 years ago and have been using

How to Fix Smoking Fireplace Problems

How to Fix Smoking Fireplace Problems? A recent question came into Ask the Chimney Sweep blog. Q: Our house is 20 years old and I have noticed the last 2

Lining a Wood Stove

Lining a Wood Stove Question- Here is an interesting question about using a Wood Stove that came into Ask the Chimney Sweep With a fireplace insert, would it be practical

Firewood: Ten hints that your firewood is not “seasoned”

Firewood: Ten hints that your firewood “is not” seasoned 1. Firewood looks weathered but still looks recently cut 2. Pungent smells, of freshly cut  wood 3. No obvious  dry cracking on the butt

Animal Problems – Getting Into My Chimney

Animal Problems in Chimneys So, are you having animal problems? Join Cincinnati Chimney sweep, Clay Lamb. He’s owner of American Chimney Masonry, and producer of the Ask the Chimney Sweep. Finally,

Chimney Flue Systems

Chimney Flue Systems In conclusion, check out this Chimney Flue restoration project in Richmond, Indiana. Importantly, we strip the face layer of the brick, exposing the building’ flue system. Check out

Chimney Cap Damage

Do You Need Your Chimney Cap Repaired? If so, schedule an appointment with a trusted chimney company today! We hope you can find a reputable Chimney Sweep in your area

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