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Burn Wise suggests: Test your wood with a moisture meter

Burning wet wood is detrimental to the efficient use of  a wood burning device. This is because of its effects on air quality. In general, smoke from burning wood is harmful on the respiratory system. Burning wet wood however, actually becomes a more harmful pollutant and can even get you sick.


  • Only burn wood that is properly dried.
  • Cut your wood into a variety of size but no more than a 6″ inch wedge (visualized in the video below).
  • Stack your wood away from your home and other buildings on wood pallets with the wedge side facing down.
  • Cover the wood with a tarp or wood shed, but leave the sides uncovered so air circulates.
  • Give the wood enough time to dry. (Softer woods take about 6 months, harder woods take about a year)

If the wood is cracking on the end, this generally means to dry enough to burn.

The Environmental Protection Agency describes how to use a moisture meter to determine the wood’s moisture level. It then provides information about seasoning firewood.


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