When to get a Chimney Cleaning

When should I clean my chimney?

When to get a chimney cleaning is one of the most common questions that chimney sweeps answer daily. The real answer lies within: when was the last time it was cleaned?

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  1. To Prevent a Chimney Fire

A chimney fire can be very large and noticeable with loud popping and cracking sounds, lots of dense smoke and a strong, and hot odor. But chimney fires aren’t always dramatic enough to let the neighbors know something is wrong. Sometimes, they burn slow and aren’t visible. They still can reach high enough temperatures to seep into the walls of your house and ignite flammable objects. Flames from a chimney fire can quickly spread into the walls or onto the roof of your home and cause massive devastation of your home.

This is a very bad scenario, but it can be carefully avoided with the right care and maintenance of your chimney. One of the most common causes of chimney fire is, a dirty chimney. Over time, chimneys will become clogged with creosote. Creosote is a natural, tar-like substance that is created by burning wood. Creosote is black or brown in appearance and, over time, it builds up. As it builds up, it leaves a glazing inside your chimney. So, this glazing is highly combustible and it can take a small amount of glazing to start a chimney fire. Not enough air supply is only one of the factors that contribute to the buildup of creosote. This is an it important reason to make sure your chimney is cleaned regularly.

  1. To Protect Your Health

Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced whenever fuel is burned. At low levels, CO can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion and fainting. So, a blocked chimney or a chimney with an nonfunctioning flu can cause a buildup of this dangerous gas. With too much CO, it can be fatal.  CO is responsible for thousands of deaths in America each year, and many of these poisonings are caused by blocked chimneys. This is why it is critical to have your chimney examined and swept to make sure your flue is clear before using the chimney.

  1. To Avoid Smoke Damage

So, when a chimney is not cleaned regularly, shoot will start building around the flue. This makes it difficult for the flue to draw the smoke upwards. This can cause the smoke to enter your rooms. Soot will leave a black film around your hearth and dirty any furniture, carpeting or decorations nearby. Sometimes, smoke can even cause black staining around your chimney. This can be near impossible to remove.

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