Chimney Flue Systems

Chimney Flue Systems

In conclusion, check out this Chimney Flue restoration project in Richmond, Indiana. Importantly, we strip the face layer of the brick, exposing the building’ flue system. Check out the rest of our YouTube as well.



In conclusion, we hope you can find a reputable Chimney Sweep in your area by using this link: In addition, be sure and go online so you can read their customer reviews from Google, BBB and AngiesList.
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  1. While cleaning our chimney, it was discovered that a flue tile about 4 feet below the top of the chimney was twisted about half way in the flue stack creating a void between the flue and the outer brick layer. My question is this a hazard? Do I have to run a stainless steel insert inside the flue to correct the problem or is there another solution?

  2. Sorry Robert, in most cases, because I’m not physically at your installation, I don’t call things Safe or a Hazards.
    Any relining of a chimney will depend on what your venting (ie wood stove fireplace gas logs. For most chimney contractors, any void in a chimney flue system is viewed as having “holes in the straw”, and it just doesn’t draft properly in most cases. Also, all of the standards for chimney and fireplace venting, call for a sealed conduit of terra-cotta flue tiles, starting at the top of the smoke chamber and running up to the top of the chimney crown.
    May I would suggest contacting a couple chimney sweeps in your area, as we have been able to pull out and replace 3 damaged clay 13″x 13″ flue liners for a total of 6′ down. At one time we replaced 4 tiles, for the total of 8ft down, using a short scissor car jack, placed inside the clay tile, and mounted on a pole. Just for the record “I wouldn[t do that again, as we sure did lose a lot of money on that repair job. My buddy calls that “tuition learning”;
    – To our other reader, if you have time check out this
    (Chimney Flue Systems ) from my trip to Richmond. IN

    – You can find a professional Chimney Sweep in your area by using this link to the National Chimney Sweep Guild locator: Also be sure and go online and read their customer reviews from Google, BBB, and AngiesList

    Clay Lamb author of: – Youtube Educational Videos – Professional grade Chimney products – Contractor Coaching Podcast – GM @ American Chimney Sweep Cincinnati, OH

  3. Clay: Your videos and articles are excellent!! I have 3 prefab fireplaces in my 20 year old home on a hilltop overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach CA. During rains with winds, I am sure water is getting into the chimney. The standard rain cap (no wind cowl) and pan are in good condition and the chalking appears to be good. I am experiencing water intrusion from the inside wall near the base of the fireplace. How does the system handle large heavy wind driven rain water entering the chimney? My theory is that rain water has deteriorated the flue somewhere and now is the problem. Your video on replacing a prefab fireplace is a big job – so before I open the exterior walls, I thought I’d inquire with you if you have had similar situations where wind driven rain water intrudes the chimney. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, in advance. Mike D

  4. Mike thank you for the kind words about our videos and articles.
    Due to your West Coast winds and the Pacific ocean salt, I feel that your problem is not unusual. Many of our Atlantic East Coasters, experience many of these same problems.
    Here are my own crazy ideas, personally I start to research a couple of fireplace manufacturers, that offer a stainless interior designed for steel Outside fireplace, that “possibly” could be installed inside your home…just and idea.
    A little research on your part might be interesting. but I will caution you to only follow the manufactures instruction that “are in writing “ .
    Either way, my wife and I would do as you have done as you have, and that is to replace the fireplace as the needed.
    I have a good friend on the West Coast who lives in Huntington Beach, CA. his name is Steve Lovesteen, and he owns and operates *Olive Twist Chimney Sweep. My surfing buddy Steve, is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable service contractor and actually services chimneys in Disneyland. I feel that he will be well worth consulting with, as he lives and works in this environment daily.

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