Animal Problems – Getting Into My Chimney

Animal Problems in Chimneys

So, are you having animal problems? Join Cincinnati Chimney sweep, Clay Lamb. He’s owner of American Chimney Masonry, and producer of the Ask the Chimney Sweep. Finally, we have videos on how raccoons, birds, and other animals, are getting into your chimney!


Animal Problems
Critters can end up filling up your chimney with a whole host of annoyances. Consequentially, you can see in this picture you see the loads of nesting material a critter in this customers chimney.


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2 thoughts on “Animal Problems – Getting Into My Chimney

  1. I have a suspicion that a squirrel or squirrels nest has made it’s way into my chimney. Last night i heard some type of scampering in the walls and last year when i bought the house i was informed during the inspection that there was a nest, which i had cleared out. I’m not sure that a cap was placed on the chimney at that time and now i’m a little concerned. What would you recommend i do?


  2. Call an exterminator because in most cases it is not a squirrel coming into the chimney though it could be. But saying that, it could be a squirrel has gotten down there and found an open void but its very unlikely. Rodent problems can be obnoxious. I had to evict 14 raccoons off of my property last year, and it wasn’t cheap! Happy hunting. – Clay

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