Here at Ask the Chimney Sweep, we’re big fans of Cracker Barrel’s fireplaces, and this video will tell you why.

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6 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel Fireplace

  1. I am trying to resource a grate that is currently being used in Cracker Barrel. The grate has a large back and they are heavy duty.

  2. Sorry, Daniel I really don’t know where to find this type of grate. I agree their grate is really a beefy construction. I think that would just ask the Mgr of your closest Cracker-Barrel, or find their home office/purchasing department . . . just keep drilling in down, I think it will be worth it!
    Great question!!!!

  3. i am looking for that large grate as well.
    I have reached out to CB customer service but have not heard back. I will post if I hear, please let me know if you have located.

  4. You might want to ask Cracker Barrel corporate. I agree its a nice grate. Or you can screenshot it and take it to a welder and he can make you one! You may want to treat yourself to a breakfast at cracker barrel before it gets too cold, take a tape measure and check the sizing on the existing one in the fireplace. You have a good eye! – Clay

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