What is Done When Gas Logs are Serviced?

Gas Log Cleaner
After servicing the gas logs, the serviceman will turn the logs on and spray them with this product.

If you have vented gas logs in your home, hopefully you know that you need to have them serviced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent any problems from occurring. You may know that gas logs, when working efficiently, are supposed to burn clean, but what then is done to the logs when they are serviced?

The firebox must be brushed down and any loose creosote removed. There will be loose creosote if the firebox was previously used for burning wood. Gently removing debris from the firebox is a necessary step. Each log is carefully removed, cleaned, and placed safely on a tarp outside of the firebox.

There are many technical aspects of gas log service that must be covered by your certified gas appliance technician. The gas piping must be inspected for any damage or leakage using a gas detector. The damper valve is also checked to make sure that it is functioning properly and the damper cannot close on accident while the logs are in operation. The burner pan, where the flames are actually produced, holds sand, which is spread evenly so that the most beautiful flame possible can be created. Sand that clumps in one area makes for a flame that does not spread across the entire gas log set. Remember that although yellow flames are beautiful they are the result of incomplete combustion.

After taking care of technical aspects and ensuring that no leakage is occurring in the gas line, the logs are reassembled and put into operation so that they can be sprayed with a gas log soot remover to remove any lingering soot or debris. Finally, the technician will

Gas Logs
Gas logs can be beautiful and look as natural and real as a wood fire.

make any last minute adjustments to flame height and the service is complete.

It is important to remember that a gas log set must be vented through an operable chimney. Installing gas logs does not mean that a flue system with damages can be used for venting. Let me repeat, you must have an operable flue system through which to vent a gas appliance, it cannot be damaged. This being said, whatever is venting your gas logs must also be capped with a stainless steel chimney cap to prevent debris and critters from getting in because blockage in the chimney can cause the gases to not be able to exit the home, creating a dangerous or even potentially deadly situation.

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