How to Clean a Chimney

Ever wondered what exactly a chimney sweep does? This video will tell you by offering you a quick overview of the most common tasks of a chimney sweep.

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4 thoughts on “How to Clean a Chimney

  1. All gas appliances need to be serviced. Its time to get on a maintenance program with a reliable gas fireplace service provider. The stuff your speaking of is referred to as soot caused by the incomplete combustion of the gas fuel. One itty bitty spider web or dust bunny can cause you big problems. Its service time!

  2. The brick inside my fireplace gets so dirty from burning every winter.
    is there a way to I can clean this?

  3. Use a hand brush to brush the sides of the firebox. You may need to use a wire brush to more effectively remove the ash and debris that has built up in the firebox and in extreme cases a chimney sweep may need to be called out. You should have your chimney serviced yearly, and he should be cleaning the firebox as a part of a routine service call.

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