Dangers of Gas Appliances

Gas Stove
This small gas stove is sure to add charm to any room.

Gas appliances, whether they be a gas insert, a gas stove in your kitchen, gas logs, or other other gas appliance in the home, have risks. Proper use and and maintenance of gas appliances, which are used for cooking food and heating the home, can minimize these risks but they still exist. Being conscious and alert while using a gas appliance and not accidentally leaving it on also minimize risk.

Carbon monoxide is one risk posed by gas appliances. Vent free gas log sets have the potential to deplete the oxygen in the room or release carbon monoxide. All vent free gas log sets have oxygen depletion sensors which shut off the appliance and alert the user of oxygen depletion, but having a carbon monoxide detector is crucial in any home whether gas appliances are used or not. I do not recommend  Other toxic gases can be produced, especially by gas counter top stoves, so keeping your kitchen well ventilated is important when cooking on the stove. If you have a fan installed above your stove, use it when cooking. If not, keep a window open to ensure that plenty of oxygen is available to protect yourself and your family.

Have your chimney inspected yearly and cap your chimney to keep out critters and their nesting materials. Your chimney flue must

Damaged Flue System
This flue system has vertical cracks and should not be used to vent any appliance.

be free of any cracks or missing mortar joints in order to vent a gas appliance.

Gas leaks are a serious risk associated with any gas appliance as well. If you should smell natural gas, make sure that the stove isn’t turned on, turn off all of the controls, and do not attempt to light it. Open up the windows and if you cannot find the source of the gas exit the home immediately and call your natural gas provider from a neighbor’s or on your cell phone. Avoid turning on lights or any other activities that could cause a static electric spark to occur, as natural gas is, by nature, flammable.

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