Can Burning Wood Be Easy?

One of the main complaints that people have about burning wood is the inconvenience of it all. The acquisition of wood to burn is a huge headache that folks hear about. Cutting wood, hauling it, and storing it such that it will dry out sufficiently is not something that folks want to have to do in order to heat their home. Another pain that some homeowners speak of is an odor in the fireplace. Finally, critters in the chimney is another complaint.

Wood Rack
This log rack keeps your wood up off the ground to keep it as dry as possible.

For those homeowners who have some concerns about getting wood for fuel, there is good news. There are services available which can deliver you cut wood that is already stacked right to your home! These services are very convenient, especially for homeowners who are very busy with kids or work or other obligations. Knowing that getting wood can actually be quite easy is a relief for some homeowners considering burning wood or building a wood burning chimney with their new home. Of course, as with any service which makes things more convenient, it is more expensive to have your wood delivered in such a way. When storing the wood, you should place the wood on a log rack which elevates it from the ground and cover the wood with a tarp, allowing air to ventilate underneath the log rack by not

Chimney Cap
This stainless steel chimney cap is maintenance free and will prevent critters from getting in the chimney.

covering the wood all the way to the ground.

Odor is another concern that folks often have regarding burning wood. People have told stories about using their chimney once or twice and having an odor in their home for months. This can happen, but only if certain conditions are right. If conditions exist causing negative pressure in the home or causing the products of combustion to not vent up and out of the chimney properly then odor problems can arise. Most often, odor problems require only minor changes in the chimney’s operation such as opening a window a crack for the entire time the fire is burning.

Finally, if the reason deterring you from burning wood in your fireplace is the potential for animals to nest in your chimney,installing a chimney cap will prevent any critters from even accessing the chimney flue. Install a stainless steel chimney cap, not a black painted or aluminum cap because the black painted or aluminum cap will stain the top of the chimney with rust or paint. A stainless steel cap is generally maintenance free and a chimney professional can install one for you at a relatively low cost.

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