Benefits of Gas Appliances

Gas Stove
This small gas stove heats well and will not take up excessive space.

Did you know that approximately 70 per cent of electricity is lost in generation and transportation, making electric powered appliances only approximately 30 per cent efficient? Those numbers are shocking to some homeowners. Another shocking statistic is that gas extraction and transportation causes only around a 10 per cent loss, leaving a gas fueled appliance to be up to 90% efficient! These estimations from consumer studies leave many homeowners, especially those considering switching to gas fueled appliances, to question electricity. Another important point regarding natural gas versus other forms of energy are increasing in price where as natural gas is somewhat insulated. This is another benefit of using gas appliances versus other forms of fuel for your appliances.

Natural gas produces heat faster and with less energy than an electric controlled pump and with high efficiency gas appliances, especially furnaces, your heat output can be maximized to between 80 and 100 per cent! Wood burning appliances are far less efficient in most cases, especially because so many factors must be taken into account in order for a fire to burn at optimum efficiency. Even at optimum efficiency, most wood burners are still less efficient than gas burners because energy is wasted in the form of smoke and other gases instead of only heat.

You are able to turn off your pilot light during the warmer months, when a gas furnace or gas log set is not needed, which will save you money. Plus, using a gas appliance allows you the convenience of not having to do any major work in order to get a fire started. Wood burning appliances require building the fire, stoking and feeding the fire, not to mention acquisition of wood to burn. All of these steps can be stressful, time consuming, and unpleasant, especially going out to get the wood that is stored outside in the wood pile when it is very cold. Zone heating is another thing to consider regarding gas appliances. Heating only the area of the house you are using at the time will help you to save money.

Gas appliances which do not require electricity to start up can be lifesavers in the cold months if the power goes out. This heating source is reliable as well as convenient. You should have any gas appliance inspected yearly by a licensed professional in order to ensure it is working properly and will not pose a threat to the health or the safety of the home. The fireplace damper should be opened completely when operating a gas appliance. Similarly, you must be sure that nothing is stored too near the appliance and nothing is obstructing the appliance’s air flow.

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