Benefits of Chim-Scan Video Cameras

Having your chimney swept and evaluated using Chim-Scan technology is key to a safe burning season.

My crew has utilized Chim-Scan video cameras for years now, but some companies who do not use this technology after sweeping a chimney. Companies who do not use the Chim-Scan technology are missing out on opportunities to not only simplify customers’ concerns regarding documentation in any possible insurance claims or fire inspections, they give the company an opportunity to provide a well documented case to the homeowner and all other parties involved.

A Chim-Scan video camera is an excellent tool for my sweeps, and no sweep is complete without a Chim-Scan video evaluation and written report. A video camera is mounted on a rod and inserted up the chimney so that the homeowner and professional can each see clearly the condition of their fireplace and flue system after a thorough chimney sweep. As the professional works, he and the homeowner can view the condition of the interior of the chimney on a small monitor, providing assurance for the customer when the professional makes a diagnosis or recommends work for a chimney.

Any cracks in the flue system or missing mortar joints can be very risky. These cracks allow the hot products of combustion to reach parts of the chimney not specially formulated to withstand the extreme heat. Gases from combustion can erode away at mortar joints, and moisture that enters the chimney in some way, whether rain, snow, or merely vapors in the air can freeze and cause damage and deterioration to the chimney flue. The technician will be able to pinpoint and document with pictures any of these flue

defects for peace of mind for the homeowner and to aid them in documenting any insurance claims they may wish to make.

This photo of a missing mortar joint obtained through Chim-Scan inspection will help the homeowner file a claim for a reline.

A Chim-Scan video inspection not only pinpoints damage in the flue system, it can diagnose chimney fire damage, spot “patch” jobs done by non-professional chimney servicemen, and also indicate the presence of animals or nesting materials which are a fire hazard to the entire home. If the chimney was built improperly outright, using a Chim-Scan video camera will aid in documenting the existing condition so that repair will be easier.

If you have had a chimney fire, a Chim-Scan inspection is particularly important. It can help to indicate what the cause of the chimney fire was, how much damage was sustained during the fire, and aid the homeowner by thoroughly documenting the situation so that an accurate claim can be filed. Depending on the chimney professional you call out to your home who uses this technology, there are various types of media you may receive after the scan has been conducted. Most commonly, written reports are issued. Often times these written reports include pictures which can be mailed or e-mailed to the customer, and in some cases the sweep has an actual recording of the inspection for your use.

Clay Lamb

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