Chimney Crown Repair

MVC-021S copyChimney crowns are a very important part of the chimney. Due to their location high above the roofline where there is very little protection from the elements, chimney crowns often need repaired. Chimney crown repair cost varies from state to state and depends on the size of the crown and how easily a chimney professional can access the crown. On average the cost of repairing a crown would run between five hundred and two thousand dollars.

The disparity in this price range comes from the fact that there are different types of crown repairs for a crown depending on the level of damage it has incurred.

One option is to resurface your chimney crown. This repair is ideal for a crown that has multiple hair line cracks. This repair will seal water out, preventing the cracks from deepening with each new rainfall and also improve its appearance. There are brushable crown repair products available to help make this repair very easy. For more extensive damage, the crown often needs to be completely rebuilt. Replacing chimney crowns is the repair that is going to last the longest without needing to be repaired again, but resurfacing is far cheaper and works when damage is not major.

After any type of repair, whether it be a new crown completely or a resurfaced crown, chimney crown seal is going to extend the durability of the repair. Using a water repellent or other type of sealer will prevent water from damaging the crown and causing the cycle of repair to begin again.

Chimney Crowns in Need of Repair

Chimney Crown Repair Overridden by Moss
This crown is likely to need brushable crown repair after the moss is removed to seal hairline cracks that have likely developed.

This crown is completely taken over by moss and algae growth. Sometimes a chemical cleaner will eliminate this problem.

If the moss has caused water to sit on the crown, cracks underneath the moss may have developed. In this case, depending on the severity of the cracks, resurfacing of the crown or rebuilding of the crown will need to take place.

Chimney Crown With Exposed Brick Cores
This crown will need to be removed and completely rebuilt. The exposed brick will aid in the deterioration of the chimney.

The top course of brick in this crown is exposed to the core. This is a major problem. Water will sit in the brick and pool on top of the crown causing the crack that you see in the corner of the crown.

This crown will need to be completely removed and rebuild. It is not smart to merely lay more material over top of this because the new crown would not have a sturdy foundation.

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Chimney Crown Repair

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