Service Your Chimney Before Peak Season

Flue System
This is what the chimney sweep sees when he looks down the flue system for cracks.

Nothing is more exciting to a chimney sweep company than wood burning season, those cold months of the year when people light up their fireplaces and prepare for hibernation. However, nothing is more frustrating to a homeowner than calling all the chimney sweeps in your area just to hear that they are booked out for a month or two.  Taking the initiative to get your chimney swept early can really help out, and in more ways than one.

Often times, chimney sweep companies will offer discounts for chimney sweeps done in the off season. Discounts of up to $100 have been reported nationwide. The peace of mind of having the service done before you even begin burning it for the season as well as the money off the total cost is priceless.

Protect Carpet When Sweeping Chimney
Tarps will be laid out in front of the fireplace to protect the carpet.

When it is cold out, most masonry products will freeze. By having your chimney swept before peak season, you will have to opportunity to repair the exterior of the chimney before the weather is bad enough to actually utilize the fireplace. It is a bit of a pickle when the sweep who comes out to your home says that there is damage that must be repaired before the chimney is used, but the temperatures prevent any masonry work to be completed. Service your chimney early to prevent these problems from occurring.

Creosote buildup left over from the burning season actually eats away at the flue system, increasing the likelihood of a repair. This build up in your chimney combined with the heat and humidity that are characteristic of the summer months will corrode away the flue liner and wear away at mortar joints on the top of the chimney.

Application of Anit-Creo-Soot
Apply ACS Spray directly to the burning logs.

The humidity of the summer and spring also causes odors. Because the water vapors in the air react with the creosote causing the pungent odor to permeate through your home via the flue system. These odors can also be beaten using Anti-Creo-Soot products to reduce the volume of creosote in the flue system. If  you’re thinking of cleaning your chimney yourself, take a look at our article called Chimney Cleaning Tools – Buyers Guide.

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