Vent-Free Gas Log Odors

Some people who purchase vent-free gas logs complain of an odor that occurs while burning the appliance. People worry that this is due to poor air quality in the room due to the lack of ventilation. In reality, the cause of these odors is airborne contaminants.

These chemicals in the air from odor eliminators, chemical cleaners, hairsprays, new carpet, and even freshly finished wood can be sucked into the burner and chemically and physically altered by the heat in the combustion process. This problem can be easily solved by simply cracking a window near the gas logs when using the appliance. This will provide the appliance with plenty of fresh air for combustion that will not produce an odor.

Another solution is to purchase a gas log cleaner, such as ACS Gas Log Carbon & Soot Remover. This product aids in the prevention of odor, creosote buildup, and keeps the gas logs working as efficiently as possible.

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