The Importance of A Chimney Inspection

Home & Garden Pic's 224When you have your fireplace serviced, whether you have a regular, open, wood burning fireplace, gas logs, or an insert, many things are being checked out. The flue is checked for combustibles, clearances are checked to be sure that they are up to code, and they evaluate floor protection. Basic installation methods are often not followed and a certified service technician will evaluate your system according to code standards.

Gas logs require regular service. Carbon deposits must be removed and if there is debris or other combustible material in the chimney with will have to be swept and inspected. Dust and other small particles must be removed from the logs and the burner to prevent odors and keep the logs running properly.

Often times a chimney sweep will suggest a creosote removing product, such as Anti-Creo-Soot, to use with every fireplace use to reduce and actively remove creosote glazed in the flue system.

Clearance issues are always of great importance. Combustibles can never be far enough away from the fireplace opening. Pay strict attention to the instructions given with your particular fireplace, as a mantle cleared to be placed 12″ above a certain fireplace must be positioned 22″ above a particular gas log set.

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