Fireplace Glass Doors

It is very important, for safety’s sake, to determine which type of fireplace doors, spark arrestors, or other fireplace finisher is appropriate for the style of fireplace you have in your home. There are very modern versions available today in very different materials, styles, and general look. Adding fireplace glass doors, screens, or spark arrestors are can be great accents to any home.

Both form and functionality are considered when the room is designed originally. The same must be considered when deciding on the type of accents to put around the fireplace. It may be difficult to find things that match the original architecture, however, branching out to a style not already exemplified in the home can be a refreshing addition.

Fireplace glass doors are great for gas fireplaces. Because they do not burn with the intensity of wood burning fireplaces, it is safe to install fireplace glass doors. These glass doors will help to arrest sparks, stop hot debris from exiting the firebox, and generally protecting the room in which the fireplace is.

If you intend on burning actual wood in a fireplace, it is wise to have a screen or door of heat resistant material to protect the room from fire. Cast iron fireplace doors are another option and often come with a mesh to protect the room.

If you have a faux fireplace or a fireplace no longer in use, simply adding a fireplace screen, new doors, or any other accent can change the entire feel of the room and make for a much more beautiful focal point.

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