Flexible VS Rigid Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

When it comes to relining your chimney, there are two options, flexible or rigid liners, and each have their pros and cons. When it comes to making your ultimate decision, decide what factors of the installation process are most important to you, ease of installation, efficiency of the product, etc. This will provide you with the answer as to which type you should invest in.

Rigid stainless steel flue liners are more efficient due to their smooth walls. There is a greater possibility of creosote buildup forming in the ridges of a flexible stainless steel liner than the smooth inside of a rigid liner, but both are susceptible to build up.

Flexible liners are much easier to install. Often times the rigid liners must be installed piece by piece as they are dropped down into the chimney. Flexible liners make for a much easier installation process and are therefore the most popular by pros and do-it-yourselves alike.

If you are needing to reline a very tall chimney, flexible is absolutely the way to go. If your chimney is only ten feet or so, then you can get by with a rigid steel liner without too much installation difficulty. If your chimney has any bends in it then you absolutely want to go with flexible or you will run into countless problems.  Do it yourselves: remember that you will need the correct amount of manpower to install whatever it is you decide to purchase, so weigh these factors carefully. Also don’t forget you will need insulation accessories to complete the job!

Clay Lamb

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