Chimney Creosote Build Up
Cre-Away greatly reduces the amount of creosote that builds up in the chimney, preventing situations like this.


When it comes to having a fireplace and any amount of wood, creosote builds up in the flue system, making conditions right for a chimney fire to occur or the chimney to lose its good draw. Cre-Away Creosote Modifier is one of the most powerful products on the market for the elimination of creosote. Cre-Away is fast and easy to use and is recommended for use on any level or type of creosote.  It also helps to reduce the odor of creosote in the fireplace.

Use before a chimney sweep for a more thorough cleaning of the fireplace or just during every day use to prevent the buildup of creosote. Cre-Away modifies the creosote in the chimney, making it easier to remove. Often times creosote can get glazed on to the flue system. Cre-Away is effective against this type of creosote, when even heavy sweep brushes cannot remove it.

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To use, spray directly into the flue system, not into the fire to neutralize the acidity and odors from the creosote and modify existing creosote in the fireplace.

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2 thoughts on “Cre-Away Creosote Modifier

  1. Can someone supply more spec on this rocket mass stove,as I have not heard or seen this. I’m alway cautions on DIY projects, regarding clearances to combustible and material used for to construction.
    Burn Safe and Warm

  2. Sorry but I have not heard or seen the Rocket Mass Stove that your referencing. If you can supply clearance required and construction material spec it would be helpful. To our readers, remember that DIY projects may be awesome, but that they are viewed as not being “Listed” according to any code agencies that I’m aware of. Where as Listed equipment requires that it has been tested and most often require a manufactures installation standard for clearances to combustibles.
    Burn Safe and Warm!

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