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  1. Anne Kilcoyne on said:

    We’d appreciate your advice. We live in NY and have seen a small amount of seepage in our attic around the chimney. We have had two different experts come — both say that the chimney crown needs to be replaced. Okay. One wants to extend the flues so that they’ll be above the new crown. The other suggests removing “the top course of stones” under the existing thin crown and then building the new crown. Which makes more sense to you? Thank you, Anne Kilcoyne

    P.S. — We have a stone chimney on a house built around 1930. Perhaps there was never much of a crown. The top “course of stone” looks like it juts out about one inch all the way around. Thanks again.

  2. Because this could be an expensive repair, I would ask these professionals to provide customer referrals before making your decision. Not seeing this project I would go with the proposal that makes the most logical sense to you. If you feel the least bit unsure get more opinions on this repair.
    - Clay

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