Outside Air Sources

Outside Air Source

This air vent may alleviate smoking problems.

If you are having a problem either keeping your fire lit or having smoking problems, installing an outside airsource may be beneficial. Keeping a fire lit takes different factors including air and fuel for burning. The products of combustion include water vapor and carbon monoxide, so being sure that the fireplace will vent properly is very important to the safety of the home as a whole. One way to improve air flow is to install an outside airsource. An outside air source is a vent that provides fresh air to feed the fire.

For years building codes in most parts of the country have required these to be installed during new construction and most homes already  have them.They look like a small rectangle iron grate, and most often located on the back wall of the firebox , these normally slide to the right and left to open or close Their is a verity of styles found  around the country some being round in shape. They to supply air from the outside so as not to rob  air from the living space of the home. My experience is that many don’t open as they have been rusted shut or the homeowner is not familiar with how and when to open or close them. We have all  sealed our homes up as tight as an envelope with air tight windows, doors, weather stripping, and attic insulation and our appliances are air starved.  That is why building codes require outside air to be supplied to all  gas  fire appliance including fireplaces, hot water heaters, and furnace equipment

A fire that burns well will actually increase draft. In order for a chimney to draft properly, there must be a good air flow from the firebox to the top of the chimney. The fire in the firebox warms the flue system so that the products of combustion will flow up and

Fireplace Smoking Problems

Installing a SmokeGuard is simple.

out of the chimney. If the flue system is too cold the outside air coming down the chimney may be heavier than the products of combustion coming up the chimney which can cause a smoking problem. If installing an outside air vent does not solve your problem, a less intrusive repair would be to install a SmokeGuard which makes the size of the firebox smaller so that the products of combustion may be vented more efficiently.

An outside air source can make getting a fire started in your chimney easy even for beginners. With ample outside air and a good set up of kindling and good, seasoned wood, anyone can get a nice fire burning. One thing I will caution you about when it comes to outside air sources is to watch them being painted over. Whether the vent is an outside air source or simply a vent on the front of a wood stove feeding the fire in the stove with air from the room, if you get the area painted be sure that the air vents are not painted or sealed shut. This can cause problems, especially if it is a vent on the front of a wood burning stove that requires the air in order for the wood to fully combust.

Having an outside air source installed is generally not a costly process, but consulting a professional over where to systematically place the vent is recommended. The professional The professional should  discuss with you both indoor and  outdoor variables such as other competing appliances in the home, large hills, trees, or other obstructions that possibly may be a factor for a sluggish draft.


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  1. I just read through this article and was wondering, we have and woodburning stove insert and when we turn on kitchen or bathroom fans they draw the smoke back down the chimney into the house. Would opening this vent help with our problem? We realize our home is pretty air tight and we usually open a window before using the fans but sometimes it’s not enough.

  2. We have big problems with a lot of cold air coming inside the house thru the outside air intake door and the chimney trap door.
    Would it help to put a big piece of non-combustable insulation inside the bottom vent-type doors (under the firebox) where the outside air intake door is ?

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