Chimney Liner Installation Cost

This type of chimney liner is used when clay tiles fail. Generally used to vent solid fuel burning appliances and fireplaces

This type of chimney liner is used when clay tiles fail. Generally used to vent solid fuel burning appliances and fireplaces

Customers continually are shocked at the cost of relining a chimney. Chimney liner cost can be surprising. There are a variety of factors that play into how much a chimney reline with installation costs, including your area of the country, but on average the cost to have your chimney professionally relined runs anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. Lets explore the option of purchasing a chimney liner kit and installing it yourself.

The hardest part about relining your chimney is fitting the chimney liner. You need to properly size the liner in order for the chimney to draft properly. Remember that there will be an extra inch or so around the liner due to the insulation. Chimney liner insulation is extremely important and actually helps to reduce creosote build up by keeping the chimney liner warmer. Chimney liner kits vary in price based on the diameter and length of the liner, but a basic, UL listed 6″ diameter 20′ long chimney liner kit, complete with connector pipe, tee end cap, and top kit can be anywhere from $400 – $600. Chimney liner insulation kits, complete with all of the supplies needed to properly wrap your chimney liner pipe in insulation, can run between $200-300.

As you can see you are saving yourself major expenses incurred from installation fees, but with that you are taking in some risk as well. Lining your own chimney can be very dangerous. You need to be absolutely sure you have enough manpower to handle this large, sometimes heavy liner or else accidents can happen.


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  1. Too bad but I haven’t seen many of those around. The price might be high but it’s one of those preventive measures you can take to avoid costly repairs/replacements later.

  2. Maureen on said:

    I’m looking to purchase a house that has a double flue, one used for a fireplace and one to vent an oil furnace. The liner needs to be replaced and I’ve asked the seller to cover the cost of relining it. How much does it usually run? Still $2500-5000?

  3. obviously this ad is for a wood-burning insert at the shortest possible height. Re-lining a wood-burning fireplace involves many more material and installation factors. Depends on height of building, offsets, constrictions or blockages, smoke chamber condition … need to see it to make a proper assessment. 416-892-5263

  4. @alan hilts – i did cleaning and sweep service at my house, which I just bought and they found there was a chimney fire a while ago and the original clay liner is cracked. They also suggested the liner to be replaced before using the firewood. As a test, I burned a small chunk of wood and haven’t noticed any smoke going into my room.
    Do I actually have to replace a liner if it is cracked? Any advise would be appreciated.

  5. chimneyadmin on said:

    If there are cracks in the lining system as a professional I would suggest the same thing. If we notice this in a customer chimney we not only recommend to replace or repair the liner, but also recommend not to burn. This is because when a liner is cracked it cannot contain the products of combustion. This has potential to cause further damage. Check out some of our videos and articles on this issue for further information. If you have concerns I would get a second opinion.

  6. noclueresident on said:

    I purchased a 50-gallon heater online…however the installer won’t hook it up until after I have the chimney lined. Is that true? is the liner really necessary?
    So I’ll have the chimney lined…will I need 2 tubes/liner…one for the heater and another for the furnace? Thanks for whatever information/suggestions. As you can see, I really have no idea.

  7. @igor – if the clay tile is cracked due to the thermal shock of a chimney fire … yes, code says the chimney is no longer compliant. This does NOT mean your house will burn down … it just means that if your house burns down in any way related to the fireplace, you probably won’t be covered by your insurance as the chimney does NOT comply with code.

  8. Sapo the chimney guy on said:

    A fireplace relining is usually far more detailed than that of a simple furnace flue relining due to the size of the liner needed and as stated ealier offsets / bends in the chimney if applicable, often times the fireplace was built incorrectly from day 1 as in: the incorrect flue size was used when first built, if that is the case any flue tile and all would most likely have to be drilled out first often times not an easy to do job not to mention if the fireplace flues are close to the furnace flues in a double flue chimney you also risk disturbing them as well and wind up relining both, the bottom line is there should never be any type of cracks or breaks in the lining or shifted flues if the flues are shifting it could mean they were :Dry Stacked: meaning no type if insulating material of any kind is around them, basically a hollow chimney box with flue tiles simply stacked on on top of another and thermal expansion and contraction has shifted/cracked them over time, being a negative draft system as most fireplaces are those gaps alone decrease the draw or pulling action of the gasses produced by burning, the flues need to be tightly closed and insulated well for a fireplace to be as efficient as possible and cut down on creosote build up, if creosote gets behind those shifts or beyond those cracks and ignites behind the flue tile anything could happen and you wouldn’t even know it until later, Fireplace relinings are rarely an easy job and rarely cheap, guys will have to subject themselves to an all out getting their butts kicked in just to get that ceramic out of there even before the new stainless liner goes into the chimney and it is usually a large liner often times larger than what was removed.
    This is a great place to learn about what is going with your chimney and ways to go about repairing it and while some of the simpler things like crowns and cleaning a homeowner can do if they’re handy and not afraid of heights I would not suggest attempting a fireplace relining unless you have a great deal of knowledge with chimneys, for a job such as that you must hire the right company and the right guy from that company must show up at your door not just a green horn he had better know his stuff , Best of luck to you .

  9. pauline grey on said:

    i want to buy a new fire but have been told i have to have a chimney liner fitted my house is 3 storey how much will this cost me??

  10. You wrote “fire” I will assume at this point you meant flue. In our company, we base our lining pricing on degree of difficulty to install the liner, plus the cost of materials and fair profit to operate a business. Get 3 or 4 liner estimates, and check the contractors recent work and references before signing a contract. The web is loaded with reviews, as well a the BBB.
    Burn safe and warm

  11. YES YES and Yes again!!!! Due to liability, we wouldn’t touch any stove or heater for any installation, that is not UL listed or tested for their equipment. We know all too well just how important it is to follow the manufacturer’s listed installation instructions on ALL heating appliances.

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  13. HUNTER on said:

    We need to have our flue relined, but I think the flue needs expansion as well as it’s too small for the firebox so we’re getting some smoke into the room (despite a smoke guard being in place). Can you change the flue size easily when re-lining, or is it massively costly to do this?

  14. Question – I was told by one company that I need a chimney cap and another company told me I need a cap and liner. Not sure who to believe, any suggestions?

  15. Chris Compton on said:

    I had a chimney fire and got a chimney sweeper to come out. He said i need to replace the liner because there i a buckle in the liner. Do i have to replace the liner

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