Eco-Friendly Fire Starter Logs

firestartersToday, there are many options available to consumers when it comes to burning fire starter logs. If you frequently use DuraFlame or similar brands of logs to start your fires or even primarily burn them, then you will be happy to know that they have stopped coating their logs with a petroleum waxes and switched, instead to a natural base that burns “cleaner than wood.” They claim to recycle wood waste like sawdust, fruit pits, and nut shells to produce its product.

However, beware that there is an oil present in the logs that is enticing to dogs. The logs are toxic if ingested, so keep them out of the reach of any animals around the house. Also, customers complain of a strong odor emitted by these logs, even when they are not being burned. DuraFlame Stax, a brand of DuraFlame logs, are the first firelog safe to be burned in a woodstove.

Another interesting solution is brought to us by a company called Java-Log. These logs are made of recycled coffee grounds and natural vegetable wax and burns 80% cleaner than normal wood. As opposed to the harsh odors of the DuraFlame logs, these logs give off the calming scent of coffee as they burn. These eco-friendly logs won’t break the bank either, six logs cost about $11 and can be bought online or at select retail stores.

CleanFlame Fire Logs and TerraCycle firelogs make use of unrecyclable cardboard. Waxed carboard is used to keep perishable shipments of food from damaging moisture. This particular type of cardboard isomer cannot be recycled and is virtually non-biodegradable due to its extremely slow rate of deterioration.

No matter what type of logs you are using, whether they be eco-friendly or regular wood logs, you must be sure to keep your chimney very clean or you will not only increase the amount of toxins you are releasing into the air as the smoke collects chemicals from the creosote baked onto the walls of your flue but also put yourself at risk for chimney fires and other expensive and dangerous damage.


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